Lawn Service Providers and Other Professionals

Throughout the years we have been in business, each landscape expert currently on board at Castle Home and Lawn Care LLC has gradually become an optimal option to whom many people address various projects. Conveniently located in Frederick, MD, we offer professional mulching, fertilization, lawn mowing, garden and mountain trimming, snow removal, and other services. However, what makes us special? You can learn, here.

Lawn Service

Lawn Service

Why choose our company?

Established thirteen years ago and counting, our company has worked hard and is currently the preferred choice for many homeowners around. Each lawn service provider, gardener, arborist, and any other landscape expert on our team believes that the affordable rates we offer and honest estimates we give are a perfect addition to the on-time arrivals and quality work we provide.

How are we different?

We are mainly lawn mowing and mulching professionals with the qualifications to handle other outdoor space projects you have in mind. We implement time-tested techniques, apply highly effective methods, and utilize top-shelf equipment to create your dream landscape, in a prompt manner, while maintaining the quality of our work sky high.

Contact our company in Frederick, MD if you are interested in lawn service, gardening, tree pruning, snow removal, or any of the other services we provide. You can learn more about Castle Home and Lawn Care LLC, request an estimate on our labor, and make an appointment by dialing (240) 405-3074. We look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch today!

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