Lawn Service: Types of Organic Mulch You Can Use for Your Garden

Mulch It Up!

The decomposition of organic mulch necessitates its replacement. However, when they break down, organic mulches also benefit the soil’s structure, drainage, ability to store nutrients, and organic content. Every kind of organic mulch has a different purpose. With the help of a lawn service, here are some organic mulches you can use for your garden:


Bark mulches work best when placed around trees, bushes, and garden areas where little digging will be required. Also, foundation plants and front walks are the finest places to apply bark. These woody mulches don’t blend into the soil well, and it can get tiresome to continually move them out of the way to create room for new plants. However, they will endure longer than finer organic mulches.

Pine Needles

The pH of the soil is lowered by pine needles. Pine needles may mildly acidify the soil when used as mulch, but not enough to harm plants. The sole warning is that using fresh, green pine needles as mulch may slightly increase the soil’s acidity, however, this increase may be minor. Pine needles might be a wonderful option if you’re searching for a mulch that won’t compress, inhibits weeds, and maintains soil moisture.

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are a mixed bag and are ideal for weed suppression in secluded regions of your garden. Use caution while using grass clippings since they decompose quickly and can become rather slimy and smelly. This is true of most green plant material with a high water content, including grass clippings. Additionally, grass clippings have a propensity to mat down and block the passage of water.

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