The Mulching Expert You Can Turn To!

Are you seeing bare patches on your lawn? No matter how many times you mow or water the lawn, the grass is still not growing properly. It might be the quality of the soil. If so, consider getting mulching service from Castle Home and Lawn Care LLC. We are trained to properly add mulch to the soil on properties in Frederick, MD.

When Taking Care of the Lawn

The grass on your lawn needs to be well-maintained and cared for if you don’t want it to die. But watering and mowing the grass on a regular basis might not be enough anymore. If you are following a specific maintenance routine that includes these two but you still don’t see an improvement, perhaps it has something to do with the quality of the soil. If the soil quality is poor, why not try adding mulch to it? Mulch provides the nutrients that the soil needs for nourishment for the roots and the grass. Don’t know how to do it? Get mulching services from a professional.

Let Us Add Mulch to Your Lawn!

Our mulching service will properly apply the mulch of your choice directly on the soil of your property. Before we start with the process, we will consult with you which type of mulch you would prefer. You can choose organic or non-organic mulch and determine if you would want them purchased at the store or just use the grass clippings instead. If you want, we can also make use of our grass mulcher if requested by the client. We’ll evenly distribute the mulch so that no patches of soil will be left behind. Choose us and we’ll have the soil quality improved.

Castle Home and Lawn Care LLC is a mulching expert who can improve the quality of the soil on your property. Don’t know how to apply mulch on the soil of your backyard in Frederick, MD? Call us at (240) 405-3074 right away to get a free estimate.

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